Change Log

02 January 2021


Iceberg environment asset creation: Rocks, Crystals, terrain modification

Fixed issue with UI being reset before camera has re-attached to destroyed player

Added graphic performance presets, alters things like trail renderer and various particle effects

Added moving spotlights to Thunderdome

Created new jumps to be used as a global asset

Added arrow boards to all tracks

Added frame rate lock setting

Defence ability Forcefield now correctly aligns with bike rotation

Snow dust now gets kicked up in Iceberg like in Canyon

Added pilot damage immunity for 2 seconds after respawning

Created new particle systems for new booster effects, each bike has unique set

Added motion blur to post processing

Altered bloom and various imaging and filter effects

Fixed issues with trail renderer and motion blur effects creating visual artefacts

Added colliders to LightArches in Canyon

Added UI manipulation of graphics settings

Added a new livery for each bike

17 December 2020


Canyon environment asset creation: Track/Road, Powerplant Tower, Energy Silos, Bollards, Spotlights, Motorway light arches

Ground particle effects depending on ground driving on, dust kicks up on Canyon

Fixed various colliders

Adapted AI pathing for new layout

Mapped new tracks on Canyon environment

27 September 2020


AI Pilots are now referred to their nickname instead of full name

Created a destructible barrel model and texture

Barrels now take damage, and destroy when taken too much damage

Three unique barrel types, with three types of explosions

Created kill icon for barrel

Added Barrels to other tracks

Kills from barrel explosions are correctly attributed to player that blew it up

Environment kills are now shown on RaceResults stats UI

Built Added Effect mechanic, bikes can now: overheat, become frozen or get EMP damage (though these effects do nothing yet - certain weapons do cause these effects to occur)

Fixed a bug where camera would continue to shake if you respawned while boosting

Changed shield down visual FX

Enhanced respawning particle effects

Refactored multiple scripts, increasing performance

When bike destroyed, external physics forces can now act upon the bike, causing some cool explosion, more natural force based destruction sequences!

01 September 2020


AI Teammates now give a dialogue response to their status

AI Teammate, portrait, current position and nicknames are now visible

AI Teammate armour and shield levels are also visible

Unique speech available for each AI pilot

Changed AIHUD to reflect team colours, also made more compact

Refined UI, bigger, more aggressive

Altered camera shake

Teammates comment on friendly fire, shield/armour low, on opponent destruction, on death, their position relative to yours

19 August 2020


RaceUI now rotates around Player, inclines and declines the UI is now visible

Added more scrolling backgrounds to various UI elements

Fixed a bug with livery trim not loading correctly

Altered visuals and filters on glow and bloom effects

Bloom is more prominent

Checkpoints and other emission based materials pulse over time

Refactored all code that contained warnings

Added checkpoints on Sky Dock

Changed Swarm Missile behaviour and visuals

Sky Dock environment changed, given a moody skybox and low light

Player weapons cannot be discharged after race finished

Added lens flares and fog to Thunderdome

Added fog effects to Canyon Falls

Added new heavy ability Cryo Burst (A shotgun style area effect weapon)

Rehauled Loadout UI to be more controller and general user friendly

Reworked Fusion Grenades, now fire in a wider arch, fires two projectiles

Changed current weapon audio to be more punchy

Cryo Burst can be selected in the Loadout UI

Fixed issues with ProjectileController registering heavy ability hits as light ability hits

Re-created some Loadout UI sprites

02 August 2020


Can now create an avatar for your driver

Can edit key profile info like name, team name and racing number

Completely re-built the save game system (again!)

Added scrolling background UI effects to more screens

AI characters now have an avatar

Refactored AI team mate hiring page, with new avatars and a cleaner look

Active profile UI updated upon editing profile information

Fixed a bug where pause menu doesn't respond to controller input on Thunderdome and Sky Dock

Fixed a bug with switching between profiles where the last livery from the last bike would be loaded (and not the current livery from current profile)

Profile saved data is now shown with credits, level and team name

21 July 2020


Resolved version control issue!

Added new UI background effects with scrolling tiled image

Re-worked Loadout page, much easier to use and more intuitive

Teammate now correctly has same race number font and colour as you

Initialised all AI teams to have unique race number details

Updated credits section

Changed visuals for bike choice

Fixed Sky Dock not correctly initialising player position on grid

Refactored various UI sections

Each bike livery now has base decals

17 July 2020


Made base liveries for each bike

Added pilot holographic race numbers to each bike

Race numbers colour can be changed

Liveries can now be changed in the garage UI

Created the ability to change liveries for each bike, comprised of multiple layers

Created lots of decal and livery based assets for future liveries

Cataloged all fonts used in the game

Started Steam integration, and store page

04 July 2020


Made a difficulty object that takes a speed modifier

Boost capacity starts at 0, and recharges

Added BoostZones to Thunderdome

Added more BoostZones to Canyon Falls

Added more BoostZones to Sky Dock

Made a catch-up algorithm to enhance combat

Fixed Canyon Falls hairpin rock colliders

Allowed Catchup and Difficulty to be selected on Custom Race UI

Quick Race default with Difficulty Normal, and Catchup On

Added Valkyrie to Quick Race UI bike selection

Added Sky Dock to Quick Race UI circuit selection

LOADS of difficulty balancing between tracks

Improved AI Pathing

30 June 2020


Researched and created a new shader to deal with multiple textures to form a livery

Fixed a bug where only one instance of Valkyrie's engine sound could exist

Tweaked respawn points on Iceberg Peaks

Made UV maps for each of the current bikes

Experimented with liveries and generating coloured layers for each bike

AI teams now have unique livery (or ability to have)

Created framework and additional project so third parties can get involved in creating their own liveries

AI teams now use new shader material for bike livery visuals

BikeSetup now allows for unique materials across bikes different parts

Added better illumination for garage scene

Tweaked Valkyrie rear weapon exit

Garage Livery UI now colours the base livery layer, and trim now colours the shapes livery layer

All UI elements that used team colours for display now accesses the new shader material colour

Tweaked sound levels, and distance roll off for abilities

Cut bass EQ of EMP Repeater and Incendiary Darts

Tweaked Guardian's design, now fewer 'random bits' and more lean looking

21 June 2020


Fixed issues with AI boosting, now inline with player

Created a new bike Valkyrie (remastered!)

UV mapped and tested liveries for Valkyrie

Created a new unique engine sound for Valkyrie

Valkyrie can be selected from menus

Created new ability EMP Repeater

EMP Repeater can be selected

Created new defense ability Forcefield, Forcefield deflects non-player objects with mass; light based weapons are not effected (as intended)

Forcefield can be selected

AI can use Forcefield to push away track obstacles

Updated certain fonts in menus to be easily read

Added Debug FPS counter in test builds

Added heat distortion exhaust effect to all bikes when idle

Started ground work for livery additions, made tutorials!

04 May 2020


Created a new track called Sky Dock

Increased AI grip ranges, to be more competitive

Added new skyboxes and environment to Sky Dock

Create unique models for Sky Dock

Added full AI pathing and waypoints

Braking Zones and Boost Zones have been added

25 April 2020


Add new AI personality trait Speed, which allows variations in top speed

Reactions now correspond to AI sensor length, and their ability to avoid obstacles

Created UI for hiring pilots to players team, and is completely dynamic

Shows all AI stats and personality information

Allowed for character illustrations (artwork soon!)

When hiring new pilot, old pilot fills old team place, or anyone who is a 'free agent'

Hiring credit cost is dependant on stats and whether they are already hired, and the teams skill value

Added a slipstream mechanic, reduces following bikes drag to 0, as opposed to 0.01. This works, but momentum for overtaking isnt enough to finish a move

Re-wrote how teams are loaded in game, this enabled for complete custom scenarios in the future

Gave Manta some headlights!

HUD is now hidden when looking back when using keyboard

Demo UI for AI interaction during a race

Added fail safe backward compatibilty for profile stats on older accounts

18 April 2020


Created new profile stats function that tracks players progress

Added Infographic style stats page, with all sorts of stats tracking

Refactored old profile stats tracking, and created proper objects

Created icons for various career pages

Stats, though not extensive, can be elaborated

Created Career landing page, garage, stats are now a part of this page

Fixed a big where PlayerFX bike audio would be muted upon race start

When Use Career Bike setting is selected, player is no longer transported to loadout page

Reduced Fusion Grenade explosion audio range, and altered sound to be shorter

10 April 2020


Added three new AI personalities'

Created a new bike, Manta

Synthesised three new engine sounds, react to velocity as opposed to RPM

Custom Race functionality, can now create a race with custom settings

Re-worked the boost system, now is an instantaneous burst, as opposed to increasing torque

Fixed a bug where a direct hit from Helix Rockets wouldn't log kill correctly

Custom race UI now works with controller (but barely!)

Added framework that will eventually allow splitscreen play

Cursor now gets hidden during play

28 March 2020


Created a new icy track, code name 'Iceberg Peaks'

Added new weapon Swarm Missiles, which are low powered, seeking missiles

Added a new weapon Rail Gun, which is the starter light Ability, and is basically a machine gun

Fixed a load of ability descriptions

Nerfed the Barrier, doesn't last as long

Added water effects, wake is applied to pilot when driving through water

Added new rocks and an ice sculpture inspired ramp on Iceberg Peaks

Added the new weapons to the UI loadout screen

Added the new models to the loadout shelf on the environment

Added UI elements to the new weapons

21 March 2020


Fixed a bug with the pause menu not accepting controller input

Refactored UI bike stats calculation

Fixed problems where sometimes when finishing, actual race results wouldn't be reflected in UI

Reworked enemy state triggers, some now persist in certain zones (Destroyed for example)

Hide player UI when destroyed

Tested and tweaked all spawns in Thunderdome

Tested and tweaked all spawns in Canyon Falls

Refactored AI path finding, a lot more efficient and logical

Re-added in skidmarks for different ground types

Stopped skidmarks when pilot is respawning or is destroyed

Fixed boost flare particle effects from looking HUGE at distance

Fixed Player killed UI from looking weird on certain resolutions

Fixed a bug where a direct hit from Helix Rockets wouldn't show kill log

Cut down on redundant files, cleaned up whole project

Made even more backups than previous! (Can never have enough!)

Bikes now use Capsule colliders for collision detection, not only more performant, but also collisions with terrain are handled way more gracefully

New weapon Laser Cannon added

11 March 2020


Created a defense ability, the Barrier

Changed hit marker colours to reflect ability type colour

Fixed a big with best laps not correctly registering

Default accuracy to 0% when no shots fired

Made two new utility abilities, Proximity Mine and Bouncing Bomblets

Light abilities now have a clip, and have to reload after use

Muzzle flashes are now parented to pilot game object

Re-worked Helix Rocket particle effects and explosions

Barriers now reflect the same colour as the pilot

Changed how ProjectileController gets destroyed, allows particle systems to persist, better instance control

Re worked Fusion Grenade particle effects

Sound FXs for thrusters

Reworked shield discharge and armour particle effects, now world space generated

Finally fixed AI respawning in after destruction

Fixed problem with crates

New cooldown mechanism for abilities, completely changes how they work

Added loadout UI to choose load out for each ability type

Added pixel art based icons for abilities

Updated RaceResults stats with ability icons and new abilities

Did first animation on Proximity Mine!

Fixed a whole load of stuff!

04 March 2020


UI disappears when entering camera cinematic mode

Created a new loading screen with the new style

Fixed issue with livery changing saturation values

Re-worked the way boost works, now can only be used after a cooldown

Boosting now has enhanced visual effect

Camera now has dynamic field of view changes, proportional to speed

Player now gains credits and XP from races

XP awards exist for certain feats or skills

New XP display and animations

Created a team points screen

Pre race screens are now controlled programatically

Pre race screens show race settings

Leveling algorithm levels player

Added visual flair to the circuits

26 February 2020


Brand new look for the Race UI

Race UI now feeds back AI position info

Added a rev counter

AIHUD now reflects new style

Balanced bike stats so both are more equal, but still retain their quirks

Each bike now how has their own unique brake light

Race results screen reflects new look

Pause menu updated

Created new checkpoint gates to show where tracks lead

New hazard warning UI, also flashes

Tweaked AI behaviour and stats, now really hard to beat...

23 February 2020


Created a new look for the game, under the new name 'Phaseshift'

New colour palette, fonts, and UI styling

Composed new menu soundtrack in a synthwave style

Settings pages re-worked

Profile management UI re-worked

Profiles now default to certain settings

Changed Active profile UI widget

Fixed a bug where when the pilot was destroyed, new kills wouldn't get logged

Added interface setting for speedometer units

Livery UI completely re-hauled, colours are now pre-set to make selecting colours more user friendly

Created a new garage environment to better suit the cyberpunk theme

09 February 2020


Enhanced lighting for loads of weapons, scenes are now darker

Team mate correctly uses the same abilities you do

Team mate correctly uses the same wheels you do

AI now uses correct shield and armour values

Player can now be knocked out, and respawns when destroyed

Deaths now correctly tally

AI now adopts correct bike base stats

Added Randomise Grid race setting

Camera changes to view when player destroyed

07 February 2020


AI now dynamically generate according to their teams livery, bike setups and loadouts

New generation from scratch algorithm potentially allows for limitless amount of AI pilots on track

AI now completely independent of teams

AI bikes are now built from the ground up like the player at the start of every race. This allows for easy customisation and addition of teams and AI personalities

AI can now use Light and Heavy abilities and are rather...aggressive!

AI now respawn when destroyed

Added Unlimited Ammo race setting

Added Weapons Disabled race setting

Heavily tweaked weapon colliders, now they do not collide with other weapons, pilots own hit box, pilots own physical chassis, waypoints, zones

Weapons with force area of effects no long effects bikes physically, but do effect various obstacles

Added Respawn Time race setting

Fixed fire rates for AI weapons firing

Made hit and kill marker thicker

Added options for easy MyPAM setting up

02 February 2020


Weapons were added :)

Plasma Bolter completely re-worked, new particle effects and handling, now resembles a more liquid based weapon

Plasma Bolter muzzle flash added

Incendiary Darts added, a light weapon ability with bonus damage against armour

Incendiary Darts muzzle flash and hit particle effects added

Re-worked Fusion Grenades, new model, particle effects and muzzle flash

Helix Rockets added, long range, gravity negating corkscrew rockets with a fierce area of effect!

Sound FX added for all four new weapons for firing, hits and muzzles

All audio has been normalised, compressed, and exported to preferred formats for FMOD playback

Player weapon sounds are now NOT transform.position based, as weapons that fired on left and right banks separately caused nauseating panning effects...

Completely new weapons system, now all weapons have an identifier and know who fired them

Pilot stats logs all damage done to shields, armour, accuracy and how many kills and other stats

Hit marker appears when a hit has been registered, colour changes depending on ability type hit

Kill marker appears when a kill has been registered, colour is also reflective of ability type

Fixed an issue where player spawn would move slightly on countdown

Save system now looks for correct directory and can generate needed directories/files to save correctly

Optimised projectile hit detection

26 January 2020


Integrated FMOD with the project

Fixed doppler issues

Added multi-timbral engine sounds, now has a turbo sound

Composed Main Menu soundtrack

Created global parameters for volumes on sound FX, music and master

Added more OOPed prefabs for sparks, UI and other scene stuff

Added demo menu sounds

AI now make an engine sound in 3D space

Two engine sounds are available depending on bike chosen

Engine sounds are 'released' upon scene change and are reset, this caused loads of issues!

Engines now slowly fadeup upon race start, this will mimic the soundtrack also

Completely refactored the way a player is spawned in, player bike is now instantiated and 'built' from scratch. This allows for easy additions of bikes, wheels, and bike stats in the future. Also saves performance!

Loads of efficiency gains in having 'one' player character, many additional scripts were optimised!

Reworked rev counters and gear ratios, gear ratios are now bike specfic, taking to account bike torque, max power output and top speed.

Torque curves re-worked, now standardised, and gear ratios are to be modified

Weapons were removed :(

14 January 2020


Quick Race menus now enable selection of two circuits, as well as separate Bike Selection from Career Profile

Camera Shake is now a customisable setting

Fixed interpolation issues where the bikes/camera would appear to shake under various GPU loads.

Fixed suspension issues, and can now customise suspension/ride heights for user preference

Fixed player and AI wheel component issues, all parameters are accessible for future customisable options

Created a brand new circuit, called Canyon Falls. It is a canyon and it has waterfalls. Canyon Falls.

Fixed orientation on skidmarks, they now correctly face Z-axis, and no longer dependant on camera viewing angle

Added skidmark handling on sandy terrain

Created a new crate! Keeping those blender skillz sharp!

Modelled a sci-fi tunnel

Created waterfall assets and other environments for Canyon Falls

Tweaked bike air handling, now more dramatic, and can fly further

Added a new tighter, closer camera angle

Added chromatic abberration effects which are also user tweakable

Added AI respawn mechanic when they get stuck or are out of bounds

Added 'Zone' AI system which allows AI to do more 'intelligent' circuit context maneuvers.

AI is significantly better at racing...needs balancing!

Added Zones for boosting, braking, overriding sensors and more!

Reworked RaceResults - system now cascades results in like F1, takes into account real time data, and AI's which have DNF'ed due to being destroyed.

Added circuit record holder and time, as well as player record for each track.

29 December 2019


Rebuilt Profile system, now saved in a more efficient way

Can have multiple Profiles/Pilots per machine

Created Profiles can have unique name, number, and team name

Liveries and team colours have been added, can now customise various parts of your bike

Added different follow Camera views per users taste

Added different kinds of settings now selectable under the Settings menu

Added Controller support for MyPAM Robotic Interface

Team mate shares the same colours you do (though still only works for Lynx)

23 December 2019


Tidied project folder

Removed redundant files

Refactored old code, removed deprecated code from prototype builds

Fixed a bug where the formula for rendering of the shield and armour icons would just not work

Added a LapTime class, which records lap times per pilot, allowing for comparisons, and better end race data

Added a LapTimeRow class to easily display data in an OOP friendly way. Currently displays results in a traditional Quick Race format, but this can be changed very easily

Added event system to end game sequence

Added Race Results screen, which shows lap times, difference, teams, numbers and other useful data

AIHUD now only shows when the AI state is driving

AIHUD is also hidden when looking back

There are now teams! Six teams are currently present (one is the player)

Team liveries now exist, and are shared between pilots. This probably increases performance also (not verified!

RaceManager now knows EVERYTHING, including distance all pilot locations, lap times, status, etc. This will be useful when weapons are refactored. Data collection and handling has been greatly improved

Refactored a lot of code to adopted a 'State' or 'Event' based system

Refactored some static code to be easily accessed and used efficiently

Race Results lap times update as AI finish, all data is dynamic and re-time

29 November 2019


Added lots of scenery to Thunderdome, including an illusion tunnel, run off areas

Demo mode now available, with quick race style preset

HUD now hides when looking around in camera view

Tweaked Fusion Grenade radius and force, no longer effects player bike

EMP Repeater now physically effects objects (these weapon tweaks were to make demo more playable, these weapons will be completely overhauled!)

Fixed bug when loading Title Menu, now correctly processes player bike choice, and loads in correct setup

AI personality now accepts team, bike choice and nationality

AI Nationality now shown as flag on UI

Added full countdown routine, reworked how the event based system handles

Quick Races now end, basic results screen is shown

AI now avoids player as well as other AI and obstacles

Added bloom and other subtle effects to improve visuals

02 November 2019


Refactor of GridManager, now more efficiently assembles a grid of AI and a player depending on various settings

AI completely remodelled and refactored, split into various classes

AI now have personalities, and can change AI behaviour depending on their personality

Ground work for team orders built

Added Doppler effects to player and AI characters (will use FMOD eventually)

When armour reaches 0, AI explodes SPECTACULARLY

AI now drives realistically, suspension, wheels turn and AI leans into corners

Lap Counter for each active bike

Stopwatch, and difference UI

Audio warnings for lower shields and armour

AI use same performance model as player so allow for closer racing

Position Calculation comepletely reworked, and actually functions correctly!

HUD shows AI status when within a certain distance, shows shields, position, armour and name

12 October 2019


Remodelled Guardian bike with more details

Guardian added into the refactored bike physics and is selectable

Removed older bikes and wheels

Added 3 new wheel types from brand Werebear

Race UI slightly smaller

Camera angles tweaked

Small optimisations to weapons systems

Reworked tyre texture PBR, textures are now much more realistic

08 October 2019


Added an asynchronous loading screen, complete with game tips!

Now a camera highlight reel when track loaded

Created a start screen before race countdown

Basic pause screen, pauses action and audio, navigates to main menu and quits

Bike upgrades now get processed and added to bike physics, needs a lot of balancing!

Holographic race UI, weapon banks, health, shields, boost, speed and alerts

Added Weapons systems to Thunderdome

Camera shakes at high speeds

When using freelook camera, UI is hidden

Field of view now warps with speed

Fixed a bug when navigating from pause menu, didn't start time again...d'oh!

03 October 2019


Added more game mechanics such as increased top speed on boost, and grip values for different surfaces

Added skidmarks and independent grip and top speed values for each surface

When making contact sparks show!

Pit limiter when entering the pit, with flashing brake light

Built up the Thunderdome circuit (a lot of 3D models went in!)

Made first 2D sprite animation for Thunderdome and ZXRacing logo!!

Reworked torque curves and revs on bikes, now more realistic

Sampled more engine audio to give a more realistic sound when changing gear

Toggleable headlamps

Tweaked camera for better view

Added a basic drag mechanic, will be very useful when there are racers to actually slipstream...

14 September 2019


Refactored all code relating to bike customisation and scene generation

Built a system to cater for a large amount of wheels, effects and audio

Refactored bike physics to be scalable

Research on cameras, and Cinemachine

Reworked cameras to allow for multiple views

Fully Xbox One Controller compatible

Revisited Lynx bike with finer details, and less polys!

Research on post-processing effects

Added various levels of scalable effects, including thrusters, lights, skidmarks, etc

08 September 2019


Created a new environment to house the title menu UI, and other main UI elements

Built new UI framework for bike customisation

Made Bike Selection

Made Wheel Selection, along with a new class that handles different wheels types

Made Weapon Loadout screen

Made UI for upgrades, now all available upgrades can be selected, with additional layer for credits and research points when Career becomes avaiable.

Modelled various objects for garage scene, including toolbox, mug, workstations, monitors kitten coaster, headphones, fire extinguisher, bookcase.

Textures for garage walls, and floors, as well as mat for bike

Modelled a new bike, Guardian, emphasis on combat and longevity

Modelled another new bike Lynx, emphasis on nimble handling and acceleration

Played with synthesising new sounds for new bikes

Fixed a bug where shields upgrade would not save

Improved all interfaces for UI

All UI is now optimised for contoller input

Added simple UI sounds

Modelled new sets of wheels

22 July 2019


Created a new track, Cyberpunk City - obviously not final name

Track now glows periodically, colour may change on conditions

Built an AI Path around route

Skyscrapers added, though without textures

Added gloomy skybox

Sorted and baked lighting

Sorted out various track normals, and created static environment objects

Worked on performance gains, added occulsion culling

Modelled a Motorway section for CPC

Refactored MuzzleController, worked on Object Pooling

Added Muzzle Flashes for Plasma Bolter and EMP Repeater

Fixed a bug where fire rate and ammo count for Flak Cannon was not correct

Plasma Bolter now more effective against Armour

Flak Cannon now has longer range and does more damage

Altered Quality settings and created a custom setting for optimisation

Made a new cone object

CPC now selectable from Quick Race menu

Fixed some issues with Hilkas Airfield camera not scaling correctly

CPC now called Alcana City!

Race Start screen is now shown before race

When AI or player respawns, a teleportation effect is shown, and a short delay

Made another set of wheels

05 July 2019


Profile now stores data on weapon choice, bike choice, shots fired, shots hit

Refactored race UI to use TextMeshPro

Refactored Career UI to use TextMeshPro

XP gets added after a race depending on position

Added the weapon Cluster wasn't very good!

Added the weapon Flak was very good!

Sort of balanced damage for Flak Cannon

Flak Cannon hits are now correctly logged and added to profile stats

Added stats for shield and armour damaged

Sorted a few issues with selecting Flak Cannon and Cluster Mortar loadout

Refactored Quick Race UI to use TextMeshPro

Reduced the max number of AI to 7

Made Aurora bike unavailable (this is to make way for bike refactoring)

Sorted out test track

Added Proximity Mine utility, complete with flashing light

16 June 2019


Added 9 pilot names to the roster

Tracers have been calmed down a bit to give weapons priority

Valkyrie now has additional gears

Environment text now has appropriate shader that stops text from showing through walls

Bikes no longer wheelie with front collisions

Weapon activation variable, can now set a timer

Explosion instances cleaned up

Fusion Grenades now register a hit on area of effect again

Player weapons and AI weapons are now separate

Top three positions now show on race UI

Race results now show top 5 and point allocation

Collisions from weapons now dont effect the physics of the bike

Can now choose the number of AI in race, position data etc all refactored to accomodate

Race Results now show all (up to 10) pilots

Notification log on race UI now shows key race events and warnings

Player now spawns in the next grid spot behind the last AI

Race kerbs added

Reduced Player top speed to make AI more competitive

Can now create a new blank profile

Can now set team name

Refactored profile system completely

Improved global system UI, better fonts, easier to read

Fixed a bug with the Laser Cannon registering as a Rail Gun

Created first Defense, Barrier

Created cooldown timers for defense weapons

Player weapons do not get effected by the Barrier

Created first Utility, Time Shift

Created cooldown timers for utilities

Added UI bars for utilities, and refined defense UI

Refactored cooldown timer handling

Refactored camera visual effect handling

Added scrolling texture on Barrier

Added really cool shader effect on Barrier

Added Muzzle Flash Controller, and a Laser Cannon Muzzle Flash

Altered the visuals of the Laser Cannon slightly

Changed the Notification Log to not take up half the screen with black

When finished a race the camera shifts angle

18 May 2019


Race modes configured: Test, Quick Race, Career

Refactoring of code, creating coding standards, class, etc

Data involving weapons now in own class

Maximum Laps now work

Race Results screen, with top speed, position and fastest lap

Added textures for airstrip, as well as new objects like arches and arrows

Damage algorithm created, AI can now take damage from weapons

Fusion Grenades do area of effect damage, and updated description

AI now performs slightly more consistently (Still awful)

Added Laser Cannon to the game

Projectiles now ignore collisions and damage dealing when fired by player (temporary)

Fusion Grenades now correctly explode after two seconds of not hitting anything

AI now sensor other AI and players and shoot them!

AI can now use all weapon types as the player can

AI also get damaged from crashing into obstacles

When AI armour is reduced to 0 they cannot steer or drive

Fixed a bug where lap counter does not reset between races

Added weapon and damage logs, registering hit stats

Hit marker now shows when a successful hit has been made on AI

Refactored damage algoritms....again

Laser Cannon increased hit box

Fusion Grenades explosion radius increased

Shields now have a recharge delay

02 May 2019


Chilled out the bloom and blur effects a bit

Added primitive but fast and stable AI

Added sensors to AI to avoid obstacles

Added more scenery to Hilkas Airport

Refactored some code that was producing harmless errors

Added a Quick Race Menu

Pause Menu now present when on track

Fixed a few bugs with profiles not displaying correctly (just altered timing of objects getting loaded)

Also sorted colours defaulting every time colour picker is selected

Rear view camera available by pressing C, this is also fixed while reversing

Race UI now features a boost bar

Re-aligned and scaled race UI

Added start grid

Sorted out tracers and lights to not be as intense

Current gear now visible on UI

Complete 10 bike grid

AI now avoids other AI and players

Race positions now work

Edited AI so they don't avoid other AI as pre-emptively

15 April 2019


Changed Weapon Selection Menu, now has bike animations and better UI

Added icons for first wave of weapons

Icons now correspond on track to choices made in the menus

Weapons no longer trigger 'LapComplete'

Added lap counter

Now correctly calculates best lap, as well as difference

Camera blur and bloom intensifies when boosting

Thrusters now have a visual effect

Fixed that bug where the bike would infinitely wheelie when colliding with an object

Added new primary weapon EMP Repeater

Enhanced Plasma Bolter to give an on impact animation

Changed order of processing weapon selection/properties upon entering a scene

12 April 2019


Added Change Log!

Added Settings Menu

Finished first draft of weapons selection (still not happy)

Shields now only get damaged on bike collision when speed is above 80

Plasma Bolter now alternates firing

Changed fonts of Bike Performance stats

Added camera animations when changing between screens in main menu

08 April 2019


Last profile now automatically loads

Added Bike Selection screen

Added Plasma Bolters primary weapon

Profile now loads bike selected

Created algorithm to display bike performance stats

Balanced both the Valkyrie and Aurora

Added the ability to change colour of bikes

07 April 2019


Initial commit

Created a test track to play with bike physics

Started on the profile framework

Built a save mechanism for profiles

Created two unique bikes

Added Dumbfire Rockets