[Intense Combat Racing]_

Pilot your own highly customisable, high speed vehicles through an array of environments and landscapes
Devastating weapons and high-tech gadgets give you the edge on track
AI Teammates add strategic play, be tactical in your approach to maximise points
Over 14 weapons and abilities to choose from!

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12 February 2021

UV Maps and Deployment


So my game has been on Steam for a while now, privately and without a build. I thought that maybe now was the time that my game was ready and representative enough to be uploaded to Steam. This turned out to be an interesting process, after watching/reading tutorials I downloaded the SDK and developers tools. The entire process seems to be a terminal based command line program, which looked simple enough. In reality though, not as straightforward as I had hoped. Everything seemed to be linked up, IDs and config in place, followed all tutorials, but when I executed the command it would fail on upload. An error would occur...just wouldn't tell me why. A preview build worked fine, but not a 'proper' build. Turns out there's an drag and drop upload for .zip files in the portal anyway if the game is under 2GB....so I did that instead! Not a great start, but if I attempt it again, I will likely reinstall the SDK and tools and start from scratch. The game build is about 461MB at the moment, so this isn't a burning problem.

Due to this 'milestone' I've decided to label this version as my first 'alpha' version! Majority of the features there and it looks more or less how I want it to look, just need to add more environments, ablities and tracks. This doesn't mean a release data is anywhere near though!

UV Maps

This version has been focusing on liveries for the AITeams. As such, as is my weakness throughout this project, I have been learning a lot about UV maps and texturing during this process. In truth, the UV maps I made for the bikes have been terrible, and this has been ...read more

[Latest version]_

27 February 2021


Unity Upgrade

Updated Unity (included a big physics engine upgrade)

Refactored Player Physics

Refactored all Wheel Physics

Damage Perception now stops on race finish

Added distance fog to scenes

Improved Bouncing Bomblet visuals

Graphics menus now have settings initialised

Settings menus re-worked

Added new font to areas with lots of text

Composed two music tracks, one for menu and one for race

Added handling of soundtrack across scenes