[Intense Combat Racing]_

Pilot your own highly customisable, high speed vehicles through an array of environments and landscapes
Devastating weapons and high-tech gadgets give you the edge on track
AI Teammates add strategic play, be tactical in your approach to maximise points
Over 14 weapons and abilities to choose from!

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01 April 2021

Happy April Fools Day


Realised that as writing this it's April Fool's Day, and none of this is intended to be a joke, so please believe this post! So the past 6 weeks or so has been a bit of a whirlwind. Lots of things happening in my life at the moment, and tough decisions to be made. Long story short I thought that I would take a bit of a gamble, and try and make a proper go of Phaseshift. In truth, my mental health had taken a bit of a hit and one of the only things that was keeping me stable and motivated was Phaseshift. Everytime I worked on it, nothing else mattered, and it is such a release to be able to work on something that I am fully engaged with and bringing me so much joy. This game was never intended to make money, in fact it was just a 'see if I can make a game' test, but from some recent testing feedback from play testers and my own gut feeling, I am really optimistic that this may actually be a good game. I may as well try and make a good go of something that I fully enjoy, something that will hopefully take care of my mental health and keep me stable! So a couple weeks ago I quit my job, and decided to have a break to refocus and sort myself out. Trouble is, I'm really bad at resting or relaxing...and have full steam ahead attacked Phaseshift and am making a proper go of it.

Bubblehead Studios

This entire project has been a total release. I have decided to try and start up my own game studio 'Bubblehead Studios'. This will be my alias for developing and eventually releasing games, of course it will be just myself for the time being; who knows what will happen when it's released! With this entity, I ca...read more

[Latest version]_

27 May 2021


Cinematic Camera and Canyon Part I

Created a CinematicCameraController that changes cameras automatically

Added more cameras to each track to cover every section, and tweaked so each had a cool angle

Added AI control to Player bike when player finishes race

Cinematic camera mode can swap between pilot targets

Stats now don't get tracked after race finish

Cinematic cameras get triggered after race results presented

Reworked ProximityMine triggers

Fixed teammate always having brake lights on

Refactored AIState Finished

Remodelled Canyon road, now smoother with better corners

Fixed a lot of AI physics handling, especially with downforce, AI now stable under braking

Suspensions now visually update across all bikes

Added a physics material with no friction to commonly hit walls in environments, increases rebound rate, and eliminates speed reduction

Fixed Fusion Grenade and Gatling Gun muzzle flashes

Added LOADS of new environment assets to Canyon, added new canyon rocks, created a terraforming platform, towers, geysers and corner panels

Added Settings help text in main menu

Fixed Ice and Canyon track lighting issues

Credits are now reduced when hiring a new team mate

Now stat tracks team finishing positions, get stored in a progressive leaderboard

Added a new AI character, Al Bot 950, who's a bit rubbish, but a good starting team mate!

Fixed Defence Droid lasers not hiding after shooting

Fixed audio listener issues when changing from camera modes (cinematic and race)

Fixed an old bit of code which would fade out audio after player finish (now redundant with cinematic cameras)

Reworked Swarm Missile and Bouncing Bomblet explosions, now more sparkles!