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16 November 2021


Visual Update

New bike visual benchmark

Added a new bike, Phoenix; big visual improvement, performance and ease of integration in project

Refactored a lot of bike and livery code for new optimised bike system

New bikes can now have movable parts, airbrakes, cockpit animations, aero wings

Airbrakes function when braking or bike is below a certain speed

Made a headlight object, with lens flares that will be used on all new bike instances

Re-worked thrusters, they now have lights, cast shadows and leave a trail when activated

Added change log to main menu

Re-worked liveries, three layers of designs and one lights colour which determines base bike emission

Pilot info is now displayed on livery, AI shows portrait, nickname and race number, player will show display picture

New wheel style, separate rim and tyre combinations enabled (not allowed in UI currently)

Main menu garage scene lighting enhanced, added reflection probes and better lightmap bake

Removed more demo restrictions on pilot roster

Enabled pilot switching with new InputSystem

Fixed a bug in CustomRace UI where RandomiseGrid initialised incorrectly

Changed sound effect for low shields, instead of constant alarm, now just chips when low shield

Fixed SeekerMissile locking bug, would seeker target far too soon

Fixed DroneTurret material, muzzle flash, projectile not colouring correctly

Added a new camera view, and can change in gameplay settings menu

DroneTurret no longer fires on finished pilots

Shield and armour low chirps do not play when pilot has finished