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26 April 2022


Singleplayer Championships

Can now play the all new Championships in Career mode!

Added League and Championship UI to Career Championship

Each Championship shows pilots involved, event list and championship difficulty

Active championship UI now shows active championship, with standings and points

Created championship framework and definitions

Session data is stored in a new stats class to persistently save and update stats after each event

Stats are compared at the end of a championship to show awards based on various feats

Championship standings table UI created and shown at the end of each race

Improved Swarm Missile visuals

Restricted access to changing pilots midway through a championship

Cannot restart a race after points have been collected to stats

Championship data is saved after each event allowing continuation from Career menu

Added prompt to alert player that data will be erased if starting a new championship

Trophy and Perfect is shown for completed and perfected championships

PostRaceUI tidied up and given a new lick of paint

Added animations and juiciness to PostRaceUI elements

XP counts now counter up when shown

Team logos are now shown instead of a text read out

Player team logo is dynamically created from base colour and team name

Added Friendly fire option, by default this is off

Can select friendly fire from UI in team race Custom Race

Friendly fire damage is logged (if on)

Fixed Barrier damage stat tracking

Stat tracking across game has been completely replaced by a better model

Stats menu and PostRace stats have been migrated to new stat tracking

Added a 'Press any key' feature to PreRace with a slightly longer grace period

BestLap count is now tracked for an award

Added XP award for best lap

Reduced difficulty (speed) for Easy and Normal settings

Nerfed Pangolin, reduced top speed and armour

Reduced Laser Cannon shield damage from 35 to 30, and armour damage from 25 to 20

Fixed Player Ai takeover not resetting steering column