Press Kit


Release Date: Steam - TBC
Price: TBC
Status: In development - Alpha
Supported Platforms: PC (many more proposed)




Brace yourself for a face-peeling blast through cyberpunk styled locales. Engage in frantic vehicular combat with over 17 highly explosive abilities and weapons. Inspired by Extreme-G, Rollcage, Wipeout and other 90s/00s combat racers.

Manage your team

Vehicles are fully customisable: change colours, liveries, race number, wheels, loadout, teammate and more. Pick which weapons and abilities your team unlocks first and what research paths to take.

Strategise your loadout

Select your vehicle's loadout with four ability slots, each have an important role offensively and defensively. All weapons have strengths and weaknesses; Seeker Missiles are accurate, pack a punch but can be shot down easily with a Defense Droid. Bouncing Bomblets can pepper an area with unpredictable explosive ordnance, but can be frozen in place with a Stasis Field. Choose your loadout wisely, with 17+ abilities to choose from!

Five different environments

Race across five vastly different locales, each with destructive and interactive environments. Use track hazards to your advantage to trap opponents and force a mistake. Blow up volatile trackside objects for big damage.

Play with friends!

Features online multiplayer and two player splitscreen, be a part of a super team, or become rivals!


Bubblehead Studios
Game Design, 2D & 3D Artwork, Audio and Programming: Josh Lyell

Soundtrack: Tempxa, Madwreck
Testing: Mollie James